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Aquatic Plants - The Aquarium Plant Blog

Aquatic Plants

We know how much you love potted plants so this is a link which takes you right there. Click the link below.

Aquarium Potted Plants

19 thoughts on “Aquatic Plants”

  1. Hi Doc, i appreciate the nice website which youve got here, and have the type of info a planted aquarist would love…. i got this craze a year before and ive done 2 major facelifts for my tank…. its a 250 liter,39×4 aquaflora daylight, and co2 3kg cylinder…

    my current situation is…
    new leaves, a little pale
    grown leaves, yellowish on the edges… getting brownish after some days…
    old leaves,… getting dark green… seems like algae… but i guess its the color…

    what i feel is.. its the light… but i tried decreasing the photo period, and switching them off, one or twice between the photo period.

    i also used a snail remover.. around 50 ml …. did this twice a week.

    and im unsure if the snail remover or the light caused it…
    i tried visiting ur facebook page , but i couldnt find it even after a search..i wanted to upload the picture of my leave problem….

    the part of world im living in… these products(seachem) and plants.. cost me almost 4 times than what they sell online…
    any advice on this will be appreciated…

  2. Hello Doc,
    My tank dimension is 48x18x18.
    i am using the following lighting:
    osram 77 — 1 nos.
    phillips Aquarelle 880 — 2 nos.
    phillips 840 — 1 nos.
    My plants are getting proper growth.
    and wht can be done to promote growth of glossostigma and other plants? What should be ideal CO2 bubble count.

    1. Pressurised CO2 will promote growth of glossostigma.

      Don’t focus on your bubble counter. Use a drop checker (with bromo blue) to tell you how much CO2 you actually need.

      Use Neutro+ for best results.

  3. What plants is best into a 130X50X60 cm Malawy Cichlids Tank ? And how many ?

    Best regards
    Bjorn Jonsson.

  4. Hi there,
    Our tanks dimensions are 80, 32, 38cm (l,w,h, respectively) which is 90 litres of water I believe. We have two 25W tubes so it’s a low-light set up. We don’t have a co2 infused tank.
    We’ve got nutrafin plantgro fertiliser that we dose once a week. I’ve read that you also recommend dosing neutro t and neutro co2 everyday for a healthy planted tank? Is that everything we need to do for the plants to flourish?

    Many thanks,

    1. If you plump for Neutro T and Neutro CO2 (which I recommend) you definitely do not need Nutrafin Plant Gro – that is for sure!

      Get these ferts in your tank and that’s all the nutrition they need in a low tech tank like yours.

  5. Hi,

    I have Alternanthera reineckii purple in my 54l tank. 39w at 6500k, 12h/day. DIY CO2 system. I dose 5ml of Easy life Profito daily and 5ml of micro elements weekly.
    Other plants in aquarium are Vallisneria torta and Hemianthus micranthemoides (HM) which are doing great. Alternathera also came last in the aquarium and is not growing well past 6 months. Older leaves are dark green along the edges, looks like algae, and plant tends to leave roots above the substrate. I know this is usually a sign of “hunger” but it seems to me I already add too much of fertilizer and HM is doing really great… It’s a beautiful plant and I would be very happy to accommodate it properly. Please help

    1. 12hours per day of lighting!!! Are you crazy?! That’s like driving down the motorway at 150mph with your eyes shut. 8 hours per day max and if you continue as you are you will soon find out the problem with long lighting periods.

      At the lighting duration you currently have, you need more fertilisers and this is what your plants are telling you.

  6. I have a 46 gallon bowfront aquarium with a Marineland Aquatic Plant LED lighting system. Provides full spectrum light for aquatic plant growth with thirty six 1 watt 6500K white and six 3 watt RGB LEDs providing 3480 lumens. 6hours on with white and half hour on “lunar” blue. I have anubia nana, java fern, 1 sword plant (curly edged kind), dwarf sag, rotala indica, and some jungle val or micro val. All are maintaining but not thriving enough to grow in height or fullness except for maybe the java fern. Was hoping for some real growth to fill out a landscape. Using all seachem products only; root tabs, excel, flourish, iron, potassium, phosphorous and nitrogen. Any suggestions for how I can get better growth or is what I have the best I can expect?

    1. You can add a pressurised CO2 system – this will help considerably along with making sure you are adding enough NPK – remembering that excess NPK DOES NOT cause algae.

  7. Hey Doc!

    I have recently just started up my tank and currently have 7 Glowlight Danio’s (had 8 but one had an accident with the filter as I was wrongly sold one that was too powerful) and going to get a Hong Kong Pleco tomorrow to help me with any algae.

    What plants are best?

    I really hate the look of the plastic ones and want my fish to be happy n an environment thats as natural as poss

    Thank you!

  8. Hallo doc,
    Just starting up a new tank set up, it’s a Juwel vision 260 with 2 54w T5 lights with the reflectors added and I’m just wondering is this considered high or moderate lighting as the reflectors are supposed to double the light.
    Also I have set off on the path of the E.I method of fertilisation,would you recommend this or would a newbie be better off using bottled ferts. I plan on 50%water change per week to keep the equilibrium of the tank going ( hopefully) and will also be dosing flourish excel every other day along with the pressurised co2
    Cheers Doc

    1. Ps I am using eco complete substrate and currently have the lights on 8 hours a day. I am keen to avoid any algae issues so was also wondering if. A split shift for the lights, say 4 on, 4 off,4on would be a good idea or just the same as having it on for 8 straight hours. Thanks for your time Doc

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