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About - The Aquarium Plant Blog


Aqua Essentials is a specialists online shop focusing on aquarium plants. Established since 2004 it has become a market leader in planted aquarium products through a broad product range, excellent customer services and rapid despatch of all orders. Throughout the years since we first began trading, we’ve helped hobbyists across the globe with their aquariums and to this day we continue to help and inspire others where ever we can. Our blog plays an important role in our business – we cover topics in detail that ensures customers have the information that they need.

We invite anyone to leave comments on this blog as we love the interaction. We are also active on other forms of social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

10 thoughts on “About”

  1. When I click on your “about” pages, there are randomly selected pictures at the top however there is one picture which I like the plants of. To help you understand which picture I am talking about: on the left I can see 9 fish, in the middle -sort of bottom- white(ish) rock and on the right there is this plant with big leaves. Can you tell which plants are those on the right (big leaves) and on the left (with leaves sort of star shaped)


  2. I am in the process of setting up my first planted aquarium (I’ve kept fish for 12 months previously). I just wanted to say that I have found your site invaluable. It’s scary doing this stuff if you care about the health of fish etc and your site is fab – very approachable and loads of useful info. Thank you – you help enormously!

  3. Hi Richard, I wrote to Danny 0n 16 Feb, and haven’t had a reply. This is for a new Show Tank I’m setting up.

    I will be using CO2 (canister & box) for the 1st 3 months, and thinking of drop in CO2 tablets thereafter. The lighting will be 2 Ecotech Radions 15w FW LED’s. The Tank will have oxygen at night. The fish, 6 Discus, 6 Corys, 24 Tetras, & a couple of catfish, will be introduced after 3 months. The Tank is 135 x 57 x 57 (360 L), and will have both wood and rocks, but the remaining planted area will still be about 6,000 cm2.

    The plants should still have a good start, but I’m still wondering how high the Echinodorus might grow.

    Are there any tall slender green plants I could put in the corners to hide return pipes, air hose, etc.? And a red feature plant with beautiful leaves like your Barlaya Longafolia? Again slow growing and tolerant of warmer waters.

    1. Hi Steve!

      Great to hear from you again. If I remember you were talking about tenellus? A great plant that can stay quite low given high light and CO2. What I don’t want to do is tell you one thing and then the plants doing another. It is tricky to predict how plants will grow in customers tanks.

      Re. tall slender plants. Try this one

      Not many red plants like Barclaya (that’s on its own really). You’re best looking here and seeing what takes your fancy

  4. Hi again
    Why would my aquatic plants have brown spots on them within 48 hours of being introduced in the tank?
    Thank you


  5. Hi Dr. Richard,

    I have a tank with an electric blue crayfish. I am having difficulty keeping the hair algae under control. I have lowered the lighting, but would it be safe to use Seacham Flourish excel in the tank?

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