What’s your concern about tissue culture plants?

I know a lot of you are unsure about tissue cultured plants, which concerns me! A lot of you don’t understand them too as I was recently asked about storing these plants and if they are for a conservatory! The simple answer is these plants are so easy, so adaptable that they really should be at the top of your list when it comes to choosing plants for your aquarium and for a few good reasons:

  1. They take much better to a new environment than potted
  2. They often are extremely well grown it and completely fill up the pots
  3. Better for the environment (wash away the jelly and recycle the plastic pot)
  4. They ship better
  5. They look better
  6. They grow better

That’s a lot of reasons. I’ve taken a few snaps this morning so you can see what they’re like and how full they are. Tell me what you think and if you have tried them.

tissue culture plants

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You can see the range by clicking here

One thought on “What’s your concern about tissue culture plants?”

  1. It’s weird. I WAS put off them by my experience with them however, your photos (above) would seem to suggest that I did something wrong. You see, I placed my plants in luke warm water to remove the gel before planting and basically all of the plant broke away into impossible strands. Planting from that point was a complete and total nightmare. I went back to the old skool as you can keep a tiny little bit of the wool to assist you in planting.

    As I say though, your pics would suggest the opposite. That hairgrass looks like it cut up and stayed together perfectly. hmmmm. Frustrating. >(

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