Algae Control Tropica Style

Tropica are incredible at what they do – there’s no two ways about it their plants are certainly the finest in the world. They’re a joy to look at and also a joy to ship out to customers like you.

Their website is ever expanding too which is great – initially they only ever published information about their plants but now as a result of freelance help they have articles covering all aspects and one that caught my eye today was their article on algae which is a major issue for a lot of hobbyists. You can read their article here and they make a very good point about algae eaters so take note there.

hair algae

One thought on “Algae Control Tropica Style”

  1. Interesting. I have 5 Yamato/Amano shrimp in my 60+ litre 2-foot tank, and don’t have an algae problem. (Actually there’s some dark tufty stuff on some wood that I like. Maybe they’re keeping that under control too.)

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