Which aquarium plants travel well?

Darn good question that and one I was asked today by an overseas customer. The answer is really simple too. Avoid potted plants wherever possible. Why?

Some of them just don’t travel well. Sure they can do 4-5 days in a box no problem but some plants take MUCH longer to arrive to overseas destinations. Take Greece for example – sometimes it takes 3 weeks for parcels to arrive there! Crazy heh…

So the plants that I recommend for overseas shipping are Tropica 1-2-Grow! Not only are the light in weight so they’re cheaper to send, but they also survive for much longer periods in a box. And yes, they were fine for 3 weeks in a box (it was nice and cool though).

Not only that but because of the vitro jelly, it also means they have nutrients to keep them going when traveling (unlike potted plants). See the range of Tropica 1-2-Grow! plants by clicking here.

they travel well...
they travel well…

You want BIG? You got it

I hear you…

I know what you are saying…

I know you want BIG PLANTS…sometimes. You want a feature plant or you just have a HUGE tank and the normal 5cm pots don’t cut the mustard. Like I say, I’m on your wavelength; I’m down with you.

So here they are and we call them Mother Plants. These plants are considerably bigger than your ordinary potted plants. In fact they’re much older, the leaves are much bigger and they’re much more…impressive lets say.

Unlike other suppliers who order them in for customers, we actually have them in stock because we know that when you’re ready to order, you want the plants like…tomorrow right? I know some of you want them today but tough 😉

Check em out and big really is beautiful.

mother plants

if you click here it will take you straight to the page you want


You can definitely grow this aquatic plant…

This is the plant for you if you want total ease. If you want a no trouble, simple to grow, versatile, attractive, fast growing – sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? It gets better…

How about one that can grow on bogwood? Imagine this plant sat next to a lovely anubias. The leaves complement each other and the two greens are the perfect match.

What about a plant that can grow on the substrate and create a carpet if you cover it with gravel or substrate? This plant is just SO VERSATILE! It genuinely is this flexible and it you’re going to love it.

So what’s its name?

Hydrocotyle leucocephala

Great for beginners, experts or those of you who just want a trouble free plant.



Who’s using LED lighting?

It’s pretty established now and fair to say that it’s certainly not going away. I’m a big fan of LED lighting, not only because it’s powerful but because it’s economical too which is a big plus for me. There’s nothing worse that knowing your aquarium lighting is chomping through your electricity, costing you more money than necessary.

So it got me thinking I wonder how many of you guys are actually using LEDs? Are you using Chinese imports, or maybe Arcadia LEDs – what about TMC (my fave). Of course as the market develops we will start to see a lot more LEDs enter the market and some will be better than others.

There’s one thing for sure, the market for metal halides will disappear (not quite yet) but in the near future as LEDs become more powerful than ever.

TMC Grobeam 600

Fluval Edge Aquarium Plants

A customer called me up the other day about this and I thought it was a really great idea just to make a short blog post about it.

He owned a Fluval Edge and wanted some plants which were small enough to not dominate his tank but easy enough not to cause him too many problems. Lighting is limited. So my top 3 plants for it are:

Echinodorus magdalensis

keeps low and is pretty easy to grow

Micromanthemum umbrosum

easy to grow and spreads nicely

Staurogyne rubescens

grows nice and low

All these will not only look great but are relatively easy. Make sure you use some Neutro T fertiliser and you’ll have a lovely looking tank in no time!