Plants can only absorb WHAT through their roots?!!!

I stumbled across a commercial website today which sells aquarium plants and other planted tank accessories. Some of the information they were providing was total garbage and they were giving their customers incorrect information:

certain nutrients especially iron and potassium can only be absorbed by the root of the plant


It’s SO disappointing to read information like that, particularly as it’s not true!! Plants can of course absorb nutrients like iron and potassium through their leaves and their roots – why else can these nutrients be dosed in liquid format if this wasn’t the case?

There’s so much incorrect information on the internet, I urge you to take caution with what you read and who from. Some websites are good, some are pants. I regularly talk to customers about information they have read that is totally incorrect and have to set them on the straight and narrow. So when you are looking for advice, make sure you get it from the horses mouth, i.e. Aqua Essentials or other genuine specialists and not just those who think they are, and live in the dark ages.

and please don’t tell me that excess nutrients causes algae.

rant over

p.s. if you want to share any ridiculous old wives tales about dos and do nots in planted aquariums, why not share them now.

2 thoughts on “Plants can only absorb WHAT through their roots?!!!”

  1. I’m in total agreement with you Richard. I’m still trying to explain to people that the dosage on their ferts is a starter dose and it’s common sense that if a plant doubles in size, it needs double the food. Despite this, I still see people posting in forums, complaining that their ferts have stopped working after a few months and blaming the manufacturer for selling a duff product!
    Unfortunately, there are people who ain’t interested in learning and will blindly absorb blurbs from manufacturers, chuck in all sorts of chemicals etc when it’s just not needed.
    Thankfully, your articles help to educate.
    Keep up the good work!

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