Cleaning HC in a planted tank

Lots of you keep and grow HC and I stumbled across this YouTube clip by the excellent aquascaper Mark Evans. He shows just how you need to clean your HC in a planted tank.Firm yet gently pushes on top of the HC means the dirt is removed by the roots hold the plant in place. Just perfect.

Hemianthus callitrichoides


4 thoughts on “Cleaning HC in a planted tank”

  1. I made a rookie mistake with my hc and now have alge growing quite rapidly. What would be the best direction for cleaning? I was even going to look at h2o2.

    I have enough light..maybe too much.
    I belive I fed it too much florish , not excel.
    Co2 is at 3 bubble per 4 sec. In 6 gallon tank.
    PH 5.5 can go as high as 6.
    I am attempting to get hc to grow in my fluval edge.

    1. there’s no easy fix once algae has appeared. Do you have shrimp?

      in a co2 infused aquarium flourish is no good as it’s only for non CO2 tanks. Use Neutro+ instead.

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