This mistake cost me £23,525.89

Only joking but I did lose money. What am I talking about? Tropica 1-2-Grow! plants. Now I’ve been tweeting about this and a good friend of mine who runs APFUK knows about this too (check out his excellent website). But I wanted to share the love as they say and pass on this information. I’m probably helping out my rivals here but what goes around comes around…

If you receive your 1-2-Grow! plants and you’re not ready to plant them, you might be wondering what you can do with them to keep them fresh. I wasn’t sure and just left them on the shelf with some other dry goods. Some of them were perfect and stayed in great shape. Others didn’t do very well which was slightly depressing (especially in the heat). You see if plants are not in 100% health, they’re not sent. So yes we do lose money and I did lose a few bob on the 1-2-Grow! plants. Rather than just take the loss, I had to find out more. A short email to Claus at Tropica and he suggested I should put them in the fridge. Cool heh.

nice fridge…

So that’s what we do. My loss rate on them has dramatically gone down. One species in particular doesn’t seem too keen on it but the rest are A OK. So next time you’re wondering what shall I do with my Tropica 1-2-Grow! plants, stick em in the fridge.

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