4m long, 1.7m tall planted aquarium – got your attention yet?!

I was hoping this title might catch you eye. The fact you are reading this post, shows it did. Result!

Ultimately this hobby is about inspiring people and being an online shop, it’s hard to get that message across. But there’s nothing quite like a YouTube clip to get your juices going. Takashi Amano is an absolute master in all things planted aquarium, and he was in fact one of the reasons I got into this hobby.

So if you feel a little low or need a pickmeup, then click on this link below which shows HUGE tanks. It’s just totally inspiring. And if you like the clip, perhaps you could write a brief comment why it inspires you.

2 thoughts on “4m long, 1.7m tall planted aquarium – got your attention yet?!”

  1. Having seen this video a few times now, I still can’t get my head around the scale of these tanks. It really is something and Amano’s skill, vision and experience clearly shines throw in these examples.

    At the moment, there are so many tanks that are inspiring me – the planted tank world has most certainly caught my imagination in a totally different way that reef aquariums do. With planted tanks, the possibilities appear to be endless and one is far less restricted as to what is achievable in comparison to working with reefs.

    1. They really are HUGE aren’t they?! Experience is just so important in a tank of this size and that is really his strength now as he has the balls to do what others only dream about.

      Good to hear your comparison to reef tanks and I have to agree with you. There is no one performing ground breaking reef set ups at all and the advancement is coming from the planted world as it’s so much more diverse and exciting.

      Thanks for the post 🙂

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