Maintenance tools for your planted tank

Making sure you have the right tools for the right job is imperative – having the wrong tools is just a pain and hinders your work. Maintaining a planted aquarium can be a little tricky and the Easy Aqua Plant Tool Set could be just what you are looking for.

Handy tools for planted aquariums…

So what are the used for?

Scissors – perfect for trimming plants. The curved tip makes them particularly suitable for foreground plants and you get a great angle for trimming plants that are normally hard to reach.

Tweesers – really useful when you need to plant up. Pushing your fingers into the substrate is cumbersome. Tweesers will not disturb your substrate making your work easy.

Sand & Gravel Scraper – once you’ve finished maintaining your tank, use this to gently move the substrate back to where you want it to be.

Lastly you can trust the brand Easy Aqua to be reliable so you know you’re also investing in tools that will last. Although these tools are available separately, if you go for the set you save yourself about 10% 🙂

Atomiser, bubble counter and double check valve in one? Amazing!!

Here’s another YouTube clip for all you folks who prefer to watch videos. It’s one of the best diffusers on the market in my opinion, and like the Easy Aqua atomisers, it produces tiny CO2 bubbles. The Easy Aqua 4 in 1 Super Atomiser is a doddle to set up to, but check out the clip below:

It’s really simple as you can see and made very well too. I know you’re gonna love this one.

Does 4 jobs in 1!

Why bother with Glass Lily Pipes?

Simple answer! Because they look a lot better than plastic one’s and ultimately when you are aquascaping you need to ensure the focus remains on your plants, and not on equipment. I mean, who wants to look at ugly green pipes anyway? I sure as hell don’t.

For those of you who don’t know, Lily pipes are glass designed to replace the plastic pipes that are fitted onto the end of your filter tubing. They’re much more stylish and easy on the eye and work great too.

But Lily Pipes also have another function that quite a lot of you may not even realise. Do you ever get scum build up on your aquarium surface? A lot of people do and go to extreme lengths to get rid of it. It’s actually caused by a lack of plant nutrients (I’m sure I’ve done a blog post on that…) but if you place your lily pipe outflow fractionally below the surface, a vortex will be created and it will suck in and spit out your surface scum! It’s great and so satisfying to watch.

So treat yourself today and try out a glass Lily Pipe – you won’t regret it 🙂

better than plastic...

World class aquarium potted plants

It’s a bold statement isn’t it? I mean what truly is world class and how do you really know? So I checked out t’internet and this is what it said:

1. (adj.) world-class
ranked among the world’s best; of the highest caliber:

I believe this is Aqua Essentials for a few reasons. I know my standards are really high and the feedback we get from customers to the quality of the packaging, the plants themselves, the quick despatch and the free advice we give day after day in the quest to help hobbyists with their planted aquarium. World class isn’t just one aspect in my opinion, it’s a number of factors based over a period of time and compared to others in the field.

Top of the range potted plants
Amazing plants delivered to your door
Our classic mixed box of aquarium plants

We only send out plants that I would be happy with. No point in sending out anything substandard – no one wants to be disappointed when what you were hoping for ends up not being quite what you were…hoping for. You just pull this expression then 🙁

We’ve been there, done that and didn’t enjoy the experience…

So the plants we send out are World Class. Kept hydroponically just like the growers. They get nice and warm air with plenty of O2 and ferts, and guess what some even flower. Not only that but because we keep them hydroponically, they ship really well and will take to your aquarium much quicker.

What’s more is that most of our plants now cost only £2.99 each and if you buy 5 or more this price drops to £2.69. Not bad heh for world class?