Super duper CO2 atomiser – seeing is believing…

This is a really neat and compact atomiser which has it all. Easy Aqua produce some nice gear and this one is no exception. Below are a few details and why it’s different from a traditional diffuser. Atomisers sure are the way forward.

The Easy Aqua 4 in 1 Super Atomiser has an extremely compact CO2 plate which means that when CO2 is forced through it, the bubbles are really tiny. As a result they ‘hang’ in the water, floating around doing their business. The longer the CO2 stays in contact with the water, the more it’s absorbed. This means you need less CO2 and makes having a decent ceramic plate all the more important. Traditional (cheaper) diffusers have basic ceramic plates. CO2 can be pushed though them very easily but the bubbles are larger and shoot to the surface. This means they aren’t absorbed and you need much more gas. As the bubbles pass through a glass diffuser plate, they can make a high pitch, irritating noise. Because atomisers have a much tighter plate, you don’t get this noise.

The bubble counter is visible on this atomiser so you don’t have to worry about a separate one elsewhere in your tank. Whilst a bubble counter is important, don’t base everything on it – your drop checker is the key to your CO2 levels and if you need to increase the dosage or not. However, it’s a good indication and you know what 2 bubbles a second looks like for example.

The check valve has double safety mechanism so there really is no chance of it not working. CO2 tubing has to be connected to the atomiser by a locking mechanism in order for it to keep it in place.

All in all a great CO2 diffuser and to top it off, if you drop it, it probably won’t break. Result 🙂

super diffuser

2 thoughts on “Super duper CO2 atomiser – seeing is believing…”

  1. Hi Richard
    I’ve recently purchased an Easy Aqua 4 in 1 Super Atomiser and whilst i’ve got it to work i do have a couple of questions about it if you dont mind helping me with?
    Firstly the unit is not showing any bubbles in the bubble counter, now theres no water in that part of the tube so i know thats why its not showing any bubbles but is there a way of getting water into that part?
    Secondly i haven’t had to increase my pressure on the regulator which is 1.5 bar and instructions say it needs 2 bar + to work, not sure what i’m doing wrong but would appreciate any suggestions

  2. Hi Brooke

    The diffuser will fill up with water all on it’s own – this normally takes a couple of days. So no need to try and fill it up or anything like that.

    If 1.5 bar pressure is working for you then great. Some people find it needs more but not always the case.

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