Need a CO2 regulator for your fire extinguisher?

Well look no further because I have exactly what you are looking for. Not only that but I thought a YouTube clip might help explain the reg a bit more and I also show a pretty cool feature on it which you will find out when you click below.

Using a CO2 fire extinguisher is one of the best ways to use CO2 in your planted aquarium. You can also use pub style CO2 bottles as they also have the DIN477 connection piece. Ensuring plentiful CO2 is a major reason for hobbyists to have successful planted aquariums, and if you make it limit you (because of the cost) you will always struggle. By using cheap gas cylinders you will ensure the correct CO2 levels at all times (at very little cost).

Let me know what you think as all questions are welcomed. And if you want to see the product click on this link which will take you to the correct page on our site

11 thoughts on “Need a CO2 regulator for your fire extinguisher?”

  1. Hi, love the system n the topics well I have alredy buy a co2 fire extingusher 2kg, now I need a regulator, be4 I need to understand some stuff ,,if u could help me their,,so can I use the co2 that exsist in the fire extinguisher? N where to fill it up when empty,,so if u could plz help me I would very appreciate,be4 I purchase the regulator,thanks

      1. Pubs will have co2 (usually a black or grey collar on the bottle), and some will also have a 70:30 co2:nitrogen mix. These are used on creamflow beers/ales, Guinness etc and these usually have a green collar on them. Also, some continental beers use a mixed gas as they take on too much co2 and are excessively fizzy. But all pubs will have plain co2 as its what mos lagers, and draught soft drinks need.

  2. Hi Richard thanks for posting a video it was good to see. The question I have for you is once I have attached the regulator to the fire extinguisher at which point do I need to pull the pin out. Also does the trigger need to be squeezed in order for the CO2 to pass through, not quite sure how this would be set up just wondered if you could help me out thank you.

    1. I never use fire extinguishers so I am guessing here but I imagine you pull the plug out as the final thing to do. The trigger needs to be squeezed for gas to be released.

  3. Hi
    I only see tic regulators on your website using the link you posted can please direct me to the 1 in the video

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