Why doesn’t my Easy Aqua Super Mist Atomiser work?

One word…


You need 2 bar pressure in your regulator for this to work as it should. Otherwise, there’s simply not enough pressure to push the CO2 out of the tightly compacted atomiser plate. Check out the YouTube clip on our website – that’s at least 2 bar pressure being run and look how fine the CO2 mist is.

Few other points to consider:

  • Some regs won’t allow you 2 bar pressure, so another thing to bare in mind (most do though).
  • You need to ensure decent connections on your CO2 tubing because the 2 bar pressure can pop off (try the Easy Aqua Double Check Valve as this has screw fittings).
  • Sometimes it takes a few minutes for the CO2 to pass from the regulator to the atomiser – don’t expect immediate results (like from glass diffusers). This is because pressure needs to build up along the CO2 tubing and then pass into the atomiser.

Lastly, use proper CO2 tubing! Air line tubing is not suitable and will definitely pop off.

Are you using the atomiser? If so tell me what you think. Maybe you haven’t decided which diffuser to choose yet so any questions, please ask 🙂

2 thoughts on “Why doesn’t my Easy Aqua Super Mist Atomiser work?”

  1. Hi,
    I have a bazooka atomiser which for now is working but I have to put it near the surface below the output of spray bar of the aquarium filtration I notice that the plastic green spray bar have accumulation of the CO2. My question is will
    1. the plastic break down?
    2. It is a suitable place to put the atomiser?
    3. How do I get the pressure up some more.
    4. How may bps should I have on the bubble counter since the atomiser produce such a fine mist.

    1. 1 – no
      2 – under the spray bar is fine
      3 – turn up your regulator pressure
      4 – start with 1 bubble per second but then use a drop checker with bromo blue to tell you just how much you eed

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