Struggling with foreground plants?

You won’t be the first and certainly not the last. Foreground plants are the trickiest – not because they are harder than other plants, but just that they need a little more attention than others. The main factor to consider is their location – right at the bottom of the tank where there is the least amount of light, water movement and CO2.

If your foreground plants are struggling, think about their location and then ask yourself this question:

are you giving them what they want?


They want decent light, good fertilisers and CO2. If you don’t give them this, growth will be slow and odds are the plants will die off and algae grows. Point your circulation pump at them – they need to sway in the current and make sure CO2 is physically being pushed over them and getting trapped in the leaves.

Make sure you’re providing good ferts like Neutro+ because when the CO2 is being pushed over them, the ferts will be too (double whammy :))

Are you struggling with foreground plants? Let me know and reply to this post and I can help

What’s your favourite one – mine if HC 🙂

3 thoughts on “Struggling with foreground plants?”

  1. Great post Richard. I have struggled in the past but I remember a conversation similar to this post with you 🙂

    I don’t have any problems now with them. In fact they all do great in my 120L but my fave plant is pogostemon helferi which grows like a weed.

  2. I have just bought 3 Micromanthemum umbrosum form you guys. If I keep the tops trimmed back will these spread out sideways as ground cover (I am hoping they will 🙂 )

  3. Hi Tim

    The more your trim, the bushier they become. You can replant Micromanthemum umbrosum by taking the cuttings and inserting back into the substrate.

    It’s a lovely plant isn’t it? Are you getting on OK with it?

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