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  1. Hi Richard,

    Great clip!

    I believe it did it all wrong. I bought one of your selection of 20 potted plants a few weeks back. Not really knowing what to do I planted them into my new 275 liter tank including the pots and of course the rook wool. I used a substrate which I covered with some medium corse gravel. From time to time after cleaning you can see the odd pot rim looking out of the gravel. The plants don’t really seem to mind and grew quite happily and I have to trim them back regularly.

    Would you recommend removing the pots now? I’m worried that I will damage to much of the roots which are already growing into the substrate.

    Many thanks,


    1. Glad you like it Joe 🙂

      As you have already planted them, probably best to leave them. They will throw out roots anyway.

      If any plants look like they are struggling, you may need to remove them from their pots, as ultimately that is what they need.

      Does this help?


      1. Richard,

        Thanks for your prompt reply. Some of the plants have thin roots growing out of their stems which doesn’t look very attractive. Other than that they all look happy and need regular trimming.
        I might try to free some of them out of the pots. Let’s see how they are doing.



        1. The thin roots growing out of your stem plants is normal and you’ll be fighting a loosing battle if you take on that challenge. If I were you I would accept it and try not to let it bother you 🙂

          But let me know how you get on with your pots as I’m sure you’re not the only one who has planted them.

          1. Maybe I should have read the instructions before getting started.

            I’ll keep you updated how the plants are doing.


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