Would you like us to stock Tropica plants again?

We’re always looking for feedback from our customers and would like to hear your thoughts on this matter:

Would you like us to stock Tropica plants again?

It would be great to hear your opinion if you would like Aqua Essentials to stock their plants again. As you well know Tropica are a premium product and attached to that is a premium price tag. We love to sell quality but would you pay more for them?

We currently sell Aquafleur, and have no intentions of stopping their range, but we are certainly interested in your thoughts on the matter.

6 thoughts on “Would you like us to stock Tropica plants again?”

  1. I think it’s a good idea for you to stock Tropica plants again.

    Anything that provides the consumer with more choice, especially for a quality product like Tropica, is a good thing.

    Tropica’s profile has risen gradually over the last few years and the majority of planted tank owners realise that they’re pretty much the best plants money can buy. Of course, they are a premium, but I believe more are willing to pay for quality.

    The potential issue with mail-order plants is that there’s no guarantee of quality. The consumer cannot physically see the product they’re purchasing. With plants this is a big issue.

    However, with Tropica plants, most of us know that if they’re kept in appropriate holding conditions i.e. hydroponic or at least CO2-enriched submersed, then one can almost guarantee both quality and quantity.

    I think stocking Tropica plants also says to potential customers that you like to stock quality products and consequently could improve one’s reputation.

    Finally, I’m not a businessman, so don’t fully understand margins etc. but being a mail-order company I can only assume your overheads are smaller than a physical shop. I would like to think that this would allow you to price very competitively…

    1. Hi George

      It’s great to get your feedback which is most appreciated. As you know Aqua Essentials is all about quality, but like most things in life there’s sometimes a fine line and the reason we began stocking Aquafleur was due to cost. Some of their plants are half the cost of Tropica. I’ve been keen on Aquafleur for a long time, quality is good, albeit not as consistent as Tropica that are without any doubt the market leader.

      I’ve been considering restocking Tropica again, along side Aquafleur so it’s interesting to hear your point of view.

  2. I definitely would be interested in tropica plants at aquaessentials.

    i would also be interested in some of the more unusual hard to grow species Rotala macrandra and the like…

    I would much prefer to order stuff from you as I have had such good service in the past.

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