Supersized Driftwood for planted aquariums

If you have a large aquarium you may find it difficult to source decent pieces of driftwood to create that special aquascape. It’s hard finding pieces that fit your particular tank, maybe because most pieces just don’t look very nice.

We are now stocking very large pieces that we are calling Supersized because they are ideal for large tanks – those which are 200L and over. The pieces are very special with wonderful shapes. Many have pockets in which you could place aquatic soil such as Florabase and then put a plant straight in. You can also tie moss to it very easily.

We recommend with all large pieces of wood that you soak them in a large bucket for at least a week. The reason for this is because of the tannins that will come from it. Now if you don’t mind water that turns a tea colour, then no need to soak, but if you do prefer a tank that is clear, then stick the wood outside soaking for as long as you can. Tannins will only come out for so long, and then it’s fine to put it into your aquarium. Saying that, there’s no harm in putting it straight into your tank and all our wood has been cleaned and is safe for immediate use.

The benefits of using driftwood in a planted aquarium are that it creates immediate impact – something that a plant only tank often misses. it also provides a centre point and your eye will naturally be drawn to it. Fish and shrimp seem to appreciate it too and in no time will shrimp be crawling all over it eating and cleaning as they go.

6 thoughts on “Supersized Driftwood for planted aquariums”

  1. Hi am looking for some driftwood for my 160 ltr cube tank

    Size of tank is
    W 18″
    D. 17″
    H. 19″
    Please can you let me know what you have and what sort of price please
    Looking for a nice centre piece !
    Also tank has glass support running through the top so have 2 openings of 8×16″ so may need to cut in hAlf to fit or use two pieces

    With thanks rob

    1. All pieces of wood we have on the site are the actual pieces available. I recommend redmoor wood.

      Each piece also has dimensions shown.

      1. Hi,

        I’m looking for a load of drift wood to fill my 6ft x 2ft x2ft tank, not to costly either plus, do you deliver? I would like a quote.
        The wood would need Hiding place as I have a crayfish, loach,and two plecos 🙂 thanks you:)

  2. Hello , l am looking for one large piece of driftwood- 3 to 4 feet long 2-3 feet high for a 460gal. fresh water aquarium- can you help me with something like this. ?

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