How to Hardscape A Discus Tank

Watching aquascaping on YouTube can be very relaxing, especially when you see living art being created in front of your very eyes. Once in a while you see an exceptional aquascaper (normally well known) producing something that really catches your eye and makes you look at things from a slightly different perspective. Aquarium Design Group are no stranger to producing world class aquascapes and more and more I am seeing them designing hard scapes which I think are actually more difficult than aquascapes with plants. Once the scape is in place, you really have to be confident that the placement is right as there is no escaping! ADG nail this in the short clip below:

The clever placement of the wood and rock looks perfect and finishing it off with the discus truly creates a magical effect. If you would like to create a similar effect I recommend Manzanita Wood and Mini Landscape Rock.

I’d also love to hear your thoughts on the YouTube clip above 🙂

4 thoughts on “How to Hardscape A Discus Tank”

  1. Wow! Those pieces of manzi wood are astounding and as for the discus I am speechless. You are right Richard – doing a hardscape only tank must be so stressful… do I put this rock here – or there – or do I swap it for some dragon stone rather than mini landscape? What about changing this for summatran redwood roots and then we look at the sand colour! The possibilities are endless. But my hat is off to ADG for a brilliant video showing how it changed to reach the end result.

  2. I’m totally inspired every time I watch this clip Tony – I know you are too. These guys are so amazing as it’s one of the hardest skills in my opinion. There are so many other options like you say – redmoor wood would look excellent as well!

    And just to top it all off, their video editing skills are something I can definitely learn from. True pros and possibly the best in the world.

  3. I just remembered what Takashi Amano said “To know Mother Nature, is to love her smallest creations”
    I do enjoy watching fishes swimming in their little garden-styled aquariums. Hope to build one in the future.

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