Freshwater Shrimp Molting

If you keep freshwater shrimp (and many of you do) you will have seen shrimp exoskeletons which are the shell of a shrimp. Molting is necessary for shrimp to grow and during this process, they can be very vulnerable. Their new ‘skin’ is relatively soft and therefore after they have shed their skin, they tend to hide for 48-72 hours so that they can allow their shell to harden up. Depending on how much the shrimp is eating there is a direct correlation between number of molts and food eaten.

However, not all molts go to plan. It is still very common for freshwater shrimp to die in a an aquarium when trying to molt and this can be for a variety of reasons but predominantly bacterial disease. The shrimp will attempt to molt but will not be able to shed its skin and it therefore becomes trapped and dies. Many hobbyists have often wondered about how this happens and why and chose to feed a wider range of foods to overcome the problem but it still didn’t have the effect hoped for. This can be easily overcome thanks to a wonderful new product…

Genchem Beta-G which is a unique powder that should be added to your shrimp tank every week. This will stop any molting problems in the future enabling your freshwater shrimp to grow at the speed they wish without any risks.

Economical too, you only need to use 1/5th of a spoon which comes with Genchem Beta-G, so expect this product to last a couple of years šŸ™‚

22 thoughts on “Freshwater Shrimp Molting”

      1. Hi.. I just found this out the hard way.. in as much as the exoskeleton came flying out of the powerhead outlet.. after I’d switched it back on after a water change. Luckily, it’s larger self is intact. Ha ha.

  1. I think this is what’s happening to one of my newly acquired shrimps? He has keeled over on his side his skin half way down went opaque and now is going darker in colour. He has moved a little. Do I just watch and wait ? How long approximately till he is back to his usual self? Phew I thought I was going to loose him. Thanks for your blog .

  2. Hi, if a shrimp is having difficulty moulting will BETA- G help if given during the difficulty? thanks Paul.

  3. hi i was just wondering what happens to a shrimp befor it sheds its shell…….
    mine seems to be laying on its side like its dead but its still looks like its breathing… was wondering if this is the start of shedding as i am new to keeping shrimp ….

    all help will be valuable thank you

  4. Hi. Thanks for your valuable input. Is the above product for moulting shrimp safe for other fish sharing the tank? We have 10 little neon tetra in the tank too.

  5. I bought 12 pieces of shrimps and added in my new mini plantation tank, within 5 days many of it died and now only 4 left. Can any one suggest me on how to take care of it, please.

  6. Hi Richard
    I have 4 Variatus Platy, 2 Danio and 4 Amano Shrimp. I’ve had the fish since 2nd Jan 2016 and the shrimp since Friday. I have never kept any kind of fish before so new to this. A couple of questions, will Beta-G harm my fish? And what happens to the skin? Do I have to find it and pick it out? Because I have a Bio-Orb I haven’t got gravel but lots of rocks and plants, plenty of hiding space.

  7. Hahaha i removed the skin that one of my shrimp shed and I thought it was dead and the other shrimps feast on its flesh. A week later I was surprised to see that all 4 of my shrimps are well and alive ??

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  10. Where do we purchase and we have neon tetras and a Chinese so mystery snail. We w t the water to remain the way it us at all levels perfect in our 10 gal tank and no hard water . So by this chemical of yours will it harden my water and add calcium cause this us detrimental to the fish. Open and honest answers are welcome.

    P.S. we thought about a molting rick, they get in and molt but thats bad for the tank Iā€™m reading now.

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