Inline CO2 Diffusers For Planted Aquariums

Diffusers are always changing in shape or form and up until recently there were only one or two options for moving gas from bottle to tank. Well now there’s a 3rd and it comes in the form of an UP Inline CO2 Diffuser.

Designed to work with external filters only, you attach them inline so that they sit on the outflow pipe. This is a very simple and easy way to attach a diffuser – yes you have to turn your filter off and maybe drain some liquid etc etc but once it’s up and running it means that it’s another item which can be kept out of the tank. The Co2 tube coming from your regulator also attaches to the diffuser on the top left hand side (see image).

The more equipment that stays out of the tank, the more you can concentrate on what your aquascape actally looks like.

We stock 3 sizes of inline diffusers for 9, 12 and 16mm pipe work and you can see them here.

How do you diffuse your CO2? We would love to hear…

One thought on “Inline CO2 Diffusers For Planted Aquariums”

  1. Bought this as I have a Fluval 405 system and was using another type of inline diffuser but had some scares with the tubing coming lose and water leaking. Have to say this is the best I’ve come across. It locks all hosing in place with plastic locking nuts, so there is no chance that your hosing will ever slip off, even the co2 inlet hose. The co2 comes out as a very fine mist.

    I use a Fluval spray bar kit for my 405 system. The co2 comes out as a fine mist. Very beautiful effect and very good diffusion. 5 star product. You will need to increase the pressure to unseat the valve for this product. On my previous diffusers I had the co2 pressure set to 1 bar. For this to perform nicely I had to increase to 1.5 bar and open the needle valve more. All in all highly recommended.

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