Easy Aqua Super Mist Diffuser

Have you ever wanted better CO2 diffusion into your planted aquarium but never really got the results from glass diffusers?

Well now is the time to change to our new Easy Aqua Super Mist Diffuser. They are quite incredible and we have never seen so many small CO2 bubbles from such a small area. It’s done by creating a surface that is so compact that pressurised CO2 literally has to be forced out through the tiny pores on it. This makes your gas a lot more economical when using a Super Mist Diffuser compared to a glass diffuser. You see the smaller the bubble, the larger the surface area (relatively). Therefore if you are creating thousands of tiny bubbles compared to hundreds of larger one’s, the smaller type win hands down.

This diffuser is only suitable for use with pressurised CO2 and you also need to have about 2 bar pressure. Anything less than that and it won’t cut the mustard.


8 thoughts on “Easy Aqua Super Mist Diffuser”

  1. I had a easy aqua super Mist Atomiser-Large delivered this morning, and connected it up to a new co2 fire extinguisher, but i am unable to get any bubbles through the atomoniser.
    I have blown the Co2 tube off at the connection, so the pressure seems to be ok
    Is there any reason why that would be so.
    thanks in advance Robert clarke

    1. Hi Robert

      You need to run your pressure at roughly 2 bar for it to work. This amount of pressure is necessary as the ceramic plate is so compact and lesser pressure won’t work.

      You also need to make sure you are using good quality non return valve and CO2 tubing and I recommend the Easy Aqua Double Check Valve along with AE Design CO2 tubing. Lesser quality equipment is really exploited when higher pressure is used and tends to pop off.

      Let me know how you get on 🙂

  2. Dear richard.
    This is the order i have set it up
    The fire extinguisher is a 2kg Co2 extinguisher at 2 bar,not sure of the make of the regulater,sunwell 1v. is stamped on it. the regulater gauge is fitted,then into Co2 tubing,then onto a non return valve,and lastly onto the atomiser
    I have opened the needle valve fully,still no bubbles.
    after a while it blows the tube off.
    Thanks for your reply to my first Email

    1. Hi Robert

      If your tubing blows off, that’s where the problem lies – before enough pressure can build up on the atomiser the weakness is exploited. You will need to use our AE Design Clear CO2 tubing, along with a decent non return valve such as the Easy Aqua type (tubing clamps onto this non return valve). Once you have used these, you will find the gas will pass through the entire system for long enough then out through the atomiser.

      I hope this helps but let me know!

  3. Dear Richard
    I take what you are saying,and been on your website looking at these items.
    I forget to say i have a bubble counter, which has a push fitting connections.
    So i presume i would have to change this to a screw fitting.
    Would the easy aqua bubble counter & check valve be ok,or do you still suggest the easy aqua double check valve

    Thanks again

  4. Hi
    Fitted the large atomiser and this works well at 1.5 bar and at 2bar, but how do you get the bubble counter to work against the back pressure generated by the atomizer inside the counter?

    1. Hi Peter

      Glad to hear you’re enjoying the excellent atomiser 🙂

      I’ve not encountered any back pressure problems when using it on one of our systems. Can you explain your set up a little more for me so I can help?


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