Nano Heaters For Tropical Aquariums

Small tanks need small heaters but more often than not hobbyists are forced to use heaters that are suitable for much larger aquariums. They’re big and bulky and immediately detract from the aquascape. After all the focus should be on the scape itself and not the equipment.

We would like to introduce the AquaEl Mini Heater 5W which is a mere 10cm in height – it’s so tiny you’ll be hard pushed to actually see it in your tank. Designed for nano aquariums it will increase the ambient water temperature by 2 degrees.

Each heater comes with ample cable and a neat suction cup so you can place it wherever you wish. The plastic case of the heater is dark grey therefore it will need little cleaning as grubbiness simply won’t show!!

For other heaters you can view our range here.

The Smallest CO2 Set In The World

Yep you’ve read that correctly and we are indeed stocking the smallest CO2 set for planted aquariums in the world. You just won’t believe the size of them.

CO2 is such an important element in planted aquarium we cannot stress this enough.  When plants are submerged for their first time, they go from a relatively high CO2 environment to one in which it is almost non existent. This causes great problems for aquatic plants as they are adjusting to life underwater and they need carbon to survive and grow successfully. When you don’t provide them with what they need, plant growth stops and algae tends to arrive soon after.

The Colombo Flora-Grow CO2 Nano 50 Set is a great start into pressurised CO2 systems. This affordable system can be set up in minutes and is suitable for aquariums from 5L to 50L – no other set is small enough to deal with those sort of sizes. The set contains a regulator, bottle holder that can clip on the side of your aquarium, CO2 tubing and diffuser.

The bottles are 16g each and are available as a pack of 3 and can be found here.

For all other CO2 accessories visit the site by clicking CO2 equipment.

Need Aquarium Plants but can’t decide which one’s?

Sometimes it’s tough deciding how many plants you need and sometimes you just can’t decide which one’s you want either. So we decided to come up with a solution.

We’re offering potted plants in quantities in lots of 5, 10 and 15. These are a selection of aquatic plants which are suitable for the foreground, midground and background and also for aquariums of 35L, 70L and 100L.

It takes the hassle out of choosing, fills up the relevant area of your tank but what’s more they’re available at a discounted rate so you make a saving too.

Find the offers here.

An interesting podcast on Aquascaping

I’m a big fan of podcasts for a variety of reasons and there are some that are better than others. I discovered a podcast on Twitter the other day and wanted to share it with everyone:

It’s a 45 minute chat with Mike Senske from ADG ( If you’re not familiar with this company check out their website. They are without doubt the best aquascapers in the world and their podcast discusses how they started and some of the trials and tribulations they have to deal with as an aquascaping company. Interestingly enough the majority of their clients do not have planted aquariums, or certainly high tech one’s as ADG say they need daily tending to and most cannot afford to pay for that sort of attention. The lower tech tanks are dealt with on a weekly basis and therefore are more affordable.

There are 3 other podcasts that can also be found on the same page, but this one stands out for me.

Would love to hear your opinions on the podcast when you have listened to it.

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