More rocks for your aquarium

We’re often being asked questions like how many rocks do I get if I buy 5kgs and it’s often difficult to say – all rocks vary in size and shape so we felt it was best if we took some pictures so you can visualise exactly what sort of quantity you would get for your money!

Below is a selection of rocks for your tank that come in10kg boxes. They are of course available in 5kg boxes and per kg.

Mini Landscape

Petrified Wood

Petrified Wood

Dragon Stone

White Holestone

White Holestone

Black Snail Stone

White Holestone

Most rocks will have little effect on pH which is generally a big concern for hobbyists. They have all been sand blasted so no sharp edges are left.

A delightful crypt for the planted aquarium…

Crypts are fantastic aquatic plants and tend to cause little problems to the hobbyist.  They are very adaptable to a wide range of water conditions and the species is very broad too. 

One of our favourite crypts is crypt bullosa which is a greeny brown plant with slightly dimpled leaves. This makes it look a little different in your aqaurium and one of the reasons it’s so attractive!

This particular plant looks delightful when planted in groups of 2 or 3 and looks even nicer if you plant it around rocks (something like mini landscape). This provides immediate impact and is very easy on the eye.

Mixed beach pebbles for aquariums

Ever wanted a really natural look in your aquarium but just weren’t sure where to find the right decor?  We have natural beach pebbles that look incredible in an aquarium. 

The bags of pebbles range is size from 4-15cm approximately are dark grey in colour and there are no sharp edges for fish to catch themselves on. What’s more the 4kg bags are a real bargain at £6.99.

Other benefits are these pebbles won’t effect your water parameters like pH. If you want to our range of other pebbles available follow this link.

TMC AquaRay MultiControl 8 Output Dimming Controller

Finally the wait is over for all TMC fans who use their LEDs. In the past their controllers only ever operated 1 light per controller. As many hobbyists were using multiple lights above their tanks (particularly marine hobbysists) it meant purchasing lots of controllers which was costly.

Now the TMC AquaRay MultiControl 8 Output Dimming Controller fixes all those issues. With 8 sockets you can control 8 different units and all controlled by just one plug!

You can visit our range of TMC lighting here.