Aquarium Plant Nutrients

Do you aquarium plants sometimes not grow as you would like them to? Well maybe we just have the answer.

When you run a high tech planted tank and you’re dosing what you consider all that you should be, but you’re just not getting the results you expect, it may be that your plants need just a little bit extra.

AE Design Aqua Phos and Aqua Nitro provide a boost of macro nutrients when plants are showing signs of stunted growth and/or yellowing leaves.

You can see the bottles which are avilable in 250, 500 and 1000ml bottles.

Aqua Nitro
Aqua Phos

Classica T8 Over Tank Luminaires

These luminaires are seriously good value for money – they don’t just look nice, they’re easy on your budget.

Luminaires are a great way to add lighting to your aquarium. Quite often aquariums don’t have the most attractive hoods or sufficient lighting and this is where the classica luminaires come into play. They’re modern, stylish and streamline so perfect for the aquarium of today.

Available in 5 different sizes, they sit on the top of any aquarium very easily and come with the wonderful Classica Natural Daylights which have a delightful colour output.

You can see the range here.

Root Tabs in a planted aquarium

While adding liquid fertilisers to your planted aquarium is essential for good healthy plant growth, so is adding root tabs to your aquarium.

Plants absorb nutrients through their leaves and their roots and this is particularly important with plants such as Echinodorus that are heavy root feeders. If you want to see really spectacular results the addition of root tabs will make the difference.

All root tabs are very easy to insert into the substrate, some are only the size of a one penny piece and you simply pop them into the root ball of your plant. Typically you should do this every 2 months or so, depending on how quickly your plants grow.

Root tabs are not a replacement for a complete substrate, but they certainly help.