Perhaps one of the most exciting products for a very long time, Biopods are the worlds first self contained ecosystem that replicates a natural environment meaning you can grow just about anything. Created by Biologists out of necessity to save the endangered species of frogs, Biopod’s core value is to support conservation of plants and animals.


For animals you can create the ideal conditions just like they were in the wild. Biopods require little maintenance which means you can enjoy your pets without any hassle. You can grow your own herbs like lettuce, tomatoes peas etc. Or if you prefer having fresh salads, Biopods are perfect for that too.


As a low maintenance enhancement to your home, your Biopod creates a beautiful living backdrop. Once you’ve added your chosen plants, your Biopod will automatically take care of your system from lighting, watering, heating, air circulation. A true 21st Century invention, this system will blow you away. Available in several different sizes and you can control them all from your phone.