Banyan Bonsai Wood - 30cm tall, 30cm wide

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  • Dimensions: 30x15x30cm
  • Model: MT027
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These individually handcrafted beautiful Bonsai Tree's are truly stunning. They will bring instant impact to your aquarium. You can add your own plants to the tree ie. Java Moss or Anubias or simply leave it as it is. Either way, they will look amazing and most natural.

Size: 30x15x30cm (l,w,h)

Made from real driftwood, these will make the perfect centrepiece for your aquarium and give a professional look to your aquascape. Take your aquarium to the next level of aquascaping with these Bonsai Trees.

You will need to soak your wood before placing it in your aquarium. It can take several days (or more) before this piece is waterlogged so be patient.

The picture shows is the piece you will receive.

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Does this product taint the water months after being soaked in water


From our experience, it does not.

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