Banana Leaf - Perfect for Fish and Shrimp

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Banana leaves have long been used in the shrimp hobby to encourage breeding and establish suitable water conditions so the shrimp are content. The leaves have been air dried and have been packaged to retain their freshness so that when placed in your aquarium they achieve the desired results.

Some other benefits are:

  • Reduction of pH to benefit plants and fish/shrimp
  • Helps to relieve stress
  • Helps cure fish and shrimp skin due to anti bacterial properties
  • Helps stop the growth of bacteria
  • Stimulates colours on fish and shrimp

We recommend one leaf per 20L of water. Once the leaf decomposes replace. If trying to breed shrimp, use 3-4 leaves per 20L and leave in the aquarium until the shrimp have consumed the leaf.

Rinse all leaves before placing in aquarium.

Once you have used Banana leaves you'll wonder how you didn't know about them earlier!

Note: Picture is for illustration purposes only so if you put 1 in qty box, we'll send you 1 dried banana leaf.

by David? R. on 11/4/2019

Top quality. Great price point. My shrimp seem to love them.

by Scott J. on 16/3/2019

Works a treate

by Gail C. on 15/3/2019

We've not used any sort of leaves before and we don't have much luck with cherries so we thought they're worth a try. Firstly we had to weight it down. Certainly the shrimps started to explore it straightaway. The next day, I 'undid' it to form what looks like a landing strip at one side of the tank. I can't see them eating it, just mooching about on it. But they do gravitate towards it, so I'll wait and see how long it lasts and if the attraction is long-lasting. Good price so I was happy to include half a dozen with my plants order

by Raymond Y. on 18/12/2018

Both fish and shrimp seem to nibble these from time to time so I assume they would be a good thing to add when going away for a short time.

by Justin M. on 17/5/2018

Got more than i expected In the pack my shrimp love them thanks

by Amanda R. on 10/10/2016

Brilliant. Shrimp like them and they last ages. I've had one in tank for weeks and it is still in good condition. Good value. Will order again.

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how do you use them in the tank? Do you just leave them to float?


Correct. After a while they will sink.

I'm a little confused about this. The shrimp don't eat the leaves, right? Something in the leaves is leaching into the water column that impacts the fish. Is that it?


They will over time but it does leach into the water and fish benefit from this.

How much will these lower the PH by at the recommended usage? Is there a way of using them so that. water used for changes is then at the same PH before being introduced to the tank? Trying to prevent PH fluctuations where my tap water has a higher PH than what is in the aquarium. Thank you.


You would need to use a lot to make them have an effect on your water - they're more for shrimp food really and mild water conditioning

Do we need to boil dry banana leaf before we put on aquarium?



How long do you leave banana leaves in your aquarium. Mine have been in 3 weeks and dark brown now will they cause ammonia spike if left in? Thanks


indefinitely - generally eaten by shrimp after a while

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