Bacopa monnieri (Moneywort)

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  • Dimensions: Maximum height 40cm
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  • Origin: Africa
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Bacopa monnieri is know as the beginners plant, simply because it is extremely tolerant to many factors that can influence growth. Found in a variety of regions including Africa, Asia, America and Australia this beautiful plant can grow up to 50cm and is know to produce delicate white-to-pink blossoms.

By pinching off all vertical growing shoots, the plant can maintain a low and close growth, since it willingly creates a large number of side shoots. Further, the plant grows well in the shadow of other plants.

by Damian L. on 4/3/2021

Great plant in top condition

by Ashley S. on 26/2/2021

Hardy and looks great.

by Nick B. on 16/1/2020

all the plants I've bought with aqua,have been the highest standard,you get help,advice,and everything you expect from a firm of this standard.why go elsewhere ,when you have the very best here. kind regards nick best

by Rachel A. on 28/11/2019

I received a good bunch of healthy stems, which have been growing away happily in my low tech, medium light tank. Really healthy looking plants.

by Ian S. on 15/10/2019

Arrived quickly an a good healthy plant too. Doing well so far, will use aqua essentials again.

by Vernon H. on 19/6/2019

good quality plants

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Hi. Will this plant be OK in water with a PH of 8.3 please. Cheers Dave.


It will be OK but remember plants want acidic water so aim for pH of 7 or less

What height is this plant on arrival?


This will change from week to week but about 15-20cm

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