Bacopa australis (Australian bacopa)

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  • Dimensions: up to 30cm if not trimmed
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  • Origin: South America
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Bacopa australis was discovered in southern Brazil (australis = southern), and it does not come from Australia, as might otherwise be assumed from its name. Stems become 10-30 cm tall and 2-4 cm wide. Like the other Bacopa species, Bacopa australis is also easy to grow in an aquarium. Under certain conditions it creeps across the bottom to form an elegantly decorative light green cushion. When Bacopa australis grows in a good light, the leaves become reddish. It is easily propagated by taking side shoots and planting them in the substrate. 

by john s.
growing well good buy good value

by Gwyneth C.
Sorry looked very limp when it arrived, did not last a week, it came apart in the tank. Not good

by Sarah B.
Great thank you

by Annamaria F.
Very lovely bright green plant that looks fab in my aquarium. Received quite a big bunch so very happy with it.

by Emily J.
Growing beautifully

by tom c.
very quick delivery. all healthy and good looking plants

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Hi; Our bacopa australis is growing nice and fast. As it grows vertically, new root formation occurs on the body. Do we need to force/plant these roots back to the substrate? thanks


you don't have to but you can try and keep it low by pushing the plants back into the substrate

Are these plants suitable for marine tanks.



Is co2 good for this plant


CO2 is good for all plants

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