Bacopa amplexicaulis (Giant bacopa)

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  • Origin: North America
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Bacopa amplexicaulis (sometimes called Bacopa caroliniana) is a charming aquatic plant with neat and compact stems and leaves. An attractive shade of green that will bring radiance and vibrancy to your aquarium. Very easy to grow and easy to take cuttings from.

The colour of the leaves totally depends on how much light you offer this plant. Under really high lighting the leaves can turn a shade of bronze (very nice!) or even red. This plant can even grow in brackish conditions making it super versatile.

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by Karen H.
Well what a fast growing nplant. Looked so small when it went in a couple of weeks ago but now is bushing out and so tall I had to trim the height down. Really fills up a space quickly. Love it. Greatly recommend it..

by Gillian S.
Another winner! Doing well, no signs of stress, and definitely no algae. I must be doing something right!

Growing well even in a low tech aquarium,

by Carly H.
Lovely plant, doing well in the tank.

by Allan K.
Ace looking plant on arrival, now doing well in the tank.

by Gillian S.
It's a lovely plant and I hoped it would suit my aquaria conditions. However, most of its leaves have now come off, leaving just long stems. I wrongly thought it was the Swamp Plant when I reviewed that - apologies! I was disappointed the Bacopa hasn't thrived, but may try again.

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do i leave the plants in the pots when i put them in the tank

Always remove from pots and split up into 5/6 plants

are these plants suitable for marine tank


This plant is suitable for brackish waters but not marine.

Will this be ok in sand


Yes it will be fine as long as you add some terratabs

Will plecs eat these? And will they grow in low light?


No idea with pleco 

generally an easy to grow plant

Do you have to separate from the yellow stuff in the pot or put them in with this still around them ? Do the fish tent to eat this plant as mine seem to be more stems now then leaves.


Yes remove rockwool

How tall are these on arrival?


Each week is different. Atm, 15-20cm

Hi, im wanting to move from plastic to real plants- could you plant these straight into gravel? Do they mind being moved when cleaning the graveljQuery11110042004404144072804_1648505278730 Thanks!


Yes they can be planted into gravel

But don't move them for cleaning gravel - that's a bad idea. Plunging is not necessary.

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