Aquascaping Aquarium Glue - Twin

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Better together


Use this aquarium glue for attaching any plants onto wood or rock. It works great when adding onto driftwood then laying small pieces of moss directly onto the glue.

Like all glue, it's important to cover all of it with plants otherwise it will leave a white residue. Below is a good example of how it needs to be done.

by Nigel D. on 1/1/2021

A great product for attaching your plants to driftwood and rocks, just make sure the rock or wood is dry before using the glue.

by Michael W. on 8/3/2020

This is great stuff! I've used it to glue wood together for my tank, glue xmas moss to rock, glue marimo moss onto wood. It just works with anything I've used it on. So really happy with it's performance. It's very easy to use and can be applied underwater if necessary.

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