Echinodorus ozelot - red

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The Echinodorus ozelot 'red' is a beautiful, dark-green variety of Echinodorus 'Ozelot', 20-50 cm tall and a 20-40 cm wide rosette. The dark spots form a bigger contrast on the light leaves. The leaf margin is fluted. A nutritious bottom promotes growth. It is an easy and highly recommended plant, which thrives in almost all conditions.

It grows fast, accepts a wide range of ph (6-9) and temperatures from 15 all the way up to 30 degrees so suitable for discus tanks.

by Matthijs Strietman on 17/9/2015

Very nice sized plants, several in the pot and as usual with Aquaessentials, it arrived quickly and well packaged!

by Geoff Heath on 2/6/2015

Excellent plant and well packed.

by Jenni Old on 15/8/2013

Very quick delivery, arrived in lovely condition. Very hardy as I had trouble with my water and it didnt suffer at all. Now have new growth coming which is growing through nice and quick.

by Neil Rule on 14/8/2013

Terrific quality plant with super speedy delivery, great stuff.

by Ron Hagley on 12/7/2013

Superb plant, mine is now at the back of the tank and doing well. The juvenile leaves have opened out and the plant fills the gap left in my tank. Well done AE, fully meets no...exceeds expectations!

by Barry Long on 10/4/2013

super plant in lovely condition and received very quickly

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Hi can you tell me how big these are please


at the moment relatively small as it's winter. About 15cm.

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