AquaEl Platinium Heater 200W

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PLATINIUM GLASS heaters – the highest quality standard.

PLATINIUM – glass aquarium heater with thermostat which contacts covered with a layer of genuine gold. Traditional glass aquarium heaters consist of a thermostat, contacts and a heating spiral. The thermostat controls the aquarium water temperature and, if the need arises, connects or disconnects the contacts, turning the heating spiral on or off. The most sensitive elements of the circuit are the contacts – despite of using electronic support, due to metal oxidation, their surface is over time subject to gradual decay. That mechanism shortens the life span of the heater and lowers the accuracy of water heating.

In the newly presented, revolutionary AQUAEL heater - PLATINIUM – we managed to eliminate that issue. The contacts in that device are galvanically covered with a layer of genuine gold. The metal is highly chemically inert and is practically not subject to oxidization. Application of that solution significantly extended the heater life span maintaining at the same time the accuracy of its operation. It guarantees many years of failure-free operation and complete thermal safety of the animals inhabiting the aquarium. In care of the highest quality of manufacturing, each single unit is computer-tested in professional AQUAEL laboratory prior to being passed to the hands of the user. The accuracy of thermostat operation is 1ºC.

Key features are:

  • gilded contacts guarantee long life span of the device (guaranteed 2 years)
  • electronic thermorelay ensures accurate temperature
  • stepless regulation of temperature in wide range (from 18-32C)
  • each piece computer-tested
  • LED indicator on/off

This premium heater is suitable for aquariums 140-200L.

by Martin Airey on 3/3/2015

Purchased this heater as the 177 ltr tank we had was only showing 9 degrees which was far too cold. Having put the heater on I was advised it would take 2 - 3 days to warm up but in fact only took 24 hours. The fish are now very happy and we gave been able to introduce some sucker fish into the tank. Very happy with this

by Juliet Prouse on 16/1/2015

Really pleased with this heater. Love the fact it can be placed vertically with the end above the water, so easy to alter the temp especially when cycling the tank initially. Have a digital thermometer and it's very accurate. Also looks really nice. As always amazing delivery, brilliantly packaged.

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Hi, is this fully water poof, Can I place it under water at the bottom of my tank?..


Umm, yes of course. All heaters are water proof.

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