Aquadistri Driftwood Large 35-46cm

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  • Dimensions: Approx 35-46cm
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We offer a vast range of driftwood, varying in size and shape. Each unique piece ranges from 3-46cm in length approximately.

Due to the size of these pieces of wood, they are perfect for decorating aquariums from 50L and up.

A rich, wholesome brown in colour these pieces of wood give a natural and humble look to any aquarium whether it is planted or non-planted.  Create a wild and untamed look by positioning amongst flourishing, bushy green plants or create a simply and refined look by positioning amongst pebbles or rocks.

Due to the diverse nature of these pieces of driftwood, plants such as Anubias nana bonzai, Microsorium windelov, Microsorium pteropus and Java moss can be easily attached to the driftwood and allowed to mature. We recommend you use a good plant fertilizer such as Neutro T to ensure your plant decor maintains a strong and healthy existence.

This is a natural product so we recommend you thoroughly rinse your driftwood before placing in the aquarium.

The pieces of wood in the picture are typical pieces of the driftwood available however please note all will vary in size and shape. Also the picture shows three examples of the wood however it is sold per piece i.e. if you purchase 1 piece of wood you will receive 1 piece of wood.

A very popular piece of aquarium decor!

by Steven G. on 5/4/2019

Great price of wood. Only criticism wotl be it is only 30cm long when advertised as 37-40cm.

by Jack C. on 19/5/2017

Have ordered three pieces and am happy with each of them. One of them a perfect natural Pleco cave. Good quality for cheap price, will be using these bits in my aquascape!

by James Henery on 21/4/2016

Bought this for my Java fern , but you will need to wash and soak it for at least 2 weeks to get rid of the tannings as it made the water a brown cloudy mess but now it's doing fine . Now and the Java is happly attached to it

by Shahin Islan on 4/6/2013

Nice clean piece and well packaged

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Will this wood need to be soaked before use?


Sometimes yes but not always

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