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Aqua Fine Line is sold per meter with a minimum length of 5m.

This is a strong and robust line yet very fine. Its primary function is to be used for tying plants to aquatic decor such as wood and rocks. It is strong enough to ensure plants are held in place in a secure manner however it is so fine it is barely visible so does not distract your focus away from the plant decor you have created.

Simply cut yourself the desired length, position the plant on the piece of wood or rock and carefully wrap the fine line around the base and roots of the plant until it is securely in place (be careful not to make it too tight on the roots or they may become damaged). It may be easy to ask someone else to hold the plant in place on the wood whilst you do the tying. Once the plant has grown on the piece of decor and attached itself to it, the fine line can simply be snipped away with a sharp pair of scissors (approximate time 2 months).

We recommend 5 meters per 3 plants approx, so if you have 4 or more plants you would require 10 meters.

A great value item with many benefits!

by Sandra P.
None of my plants will attach themselves to wood so trying to tie them on instead. This seems as though it would be better to use than string.

by Clare N.
Not much to say about it. It's fishing line and it does a great job of tying plants to stuff!

by Susan B.
Super for towing down plants to bog wood can't be seen

by SM G.
Good quality product. Haven’t actually needed to use it yet but useful item to have in the aquarium tool box

by Colin B.
Thought it might come in a reel instead it was poorly wrapped around a piece of cardboard.I had to entangle it to use it

by Ian J.
Is what it is useful

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