Aponogeton madagascariensis Bulb (WITH LEAVES)

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The major advantage to these Aponogeton bulbs with leaves is that they create instant impact. We have grown them, cared for them, made sure they look great and healthy - this takes time and experience. If you want BIG IMPACT, this is the plant for you.

Commonly known as Madagascar Lace leaf this beautiful bulb truly develops into a wonderful plant. The leaves have a lattice texture and can vary in size depending on its origin. This plant grows QUICKLY in the aquarium too under basic conditions. We provide it will very little light and it grows even with little water movement. We've tried it under faster water movement and it loves that too which means this plant is suitable for beginners and up.

In terms of positioning, obviously the background is the only suitable location. Simply drop it into the chosen location and leave it be. It will throw roots down and anchor itself.

by Eduard T.
Well developed plant

by Zara B.
A good plant, nice size. Will be interested to see how big it grows. Very unusual and looks so good.

by Robert B.
Best plants I have seen of this species the two plants I purchased were very impressive and easy to site, looking very healthy and show great promise of a superb display planting.

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Hello can you tell me how long it may take for the buld to start growing leaves in a low light 60 litre tank with Caribsea Eco-Complete with easy life fertilizer


every tank will vary and it's not down to fertilisers or substrates. You can grow these bulbs in water only.

How hard can you trim this plant back. mine is very large now and I would like to trim all the big leaves of leaving 6 small leaves.

hello, I need to move this plant to other side of my tank, the roots are quite big, what's the best way to move this plant, should I trim the roots? or plant as is, please advice :)


Peel and leaves back you don't want and if you need to move the plant just trim the roots back

Thank you for the advice it's very much appreciated :)

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