Aponogeton madagascariensis Bulb (Lace plant)

  • Dimensions: up 40cm
  • Model: P2020205
  • Origin: Africa
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Commonly known as Madagascar Lace leaf this beautiful bulb truly develops into a wonderful plant. The leaves have a lattice texture and can vary in size depending on its origin. This plant grows QUICKLY in the aquarium too under basic conditions. We provide it will very little light and it grows even with little water movement. We've tried it under faster water movement and it loves that too which means this plant is suitable for beginners and up.

In terms of positioning, obviously the background is the only suitable location. Simply drop it into the chosen location and leave it be. It will throw roots down and anchor itself.

Note: This plant is sold as a bulb only - it may or may not come with leaves. Just depends on how long we have had them for.

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by IAN D. on 17/3/2020

Arrived as a little buld a few weeks ago now a really great looking plant leaves are now aprox 6 inches + in lengh.

by Philip B. on 15/3/2020

Unlike some of the other Aponogetons this has a small circa(3-4 cm oblong ) bulb . it arrived with some small shoots and after 2 weeks these have grown to about 4 cm long . I m really looking forward to seeing this develop to full size.

by Ron W. on 2/2/2020

ordered two bulbs madagascariensis one bulb good size very happy with it . The second bulb was less than a quarter size of the first bulb . The second actually looked to have been broken of the first . Matching marks on the two. Would have been happy if aqua essentials had owned up and said only 1 good bulb left and refunded for the second. The fist good sized bulb is showing roots . The tiny second bulb looks to have withered or started to rot. Have since ordered two more bulbs from another supplier. both came similar sized to the first Aqua one and both have started to root.

by RUSSELL B. on 9/9/2019

First time a plant from a gas not worked. One of those things I guess but they are too expensive to fail!

by David L. on 16/8/2019

Received what looked like a small piece of rhizome. Showed no signs of life after weeks.. binned it.

by michael h. on 1/7/2019

very nice plant growing very well

Ask a question about this product
Will this be ok planted in the normal tropical aquarium gravel or will it need a pot? I do use root tabs and daily liquid ferts along with CO2.

Fine to be dropped straight onto any gravel/substrate. A pot is not needed. Neutro T is recommended for fertilisers.

I really like the look of this plant and think it would look great in my tank.I was thinking of using it to hide the intake pipe of my external filter.I like the holes/lace effect in the leaves and i'm guessing it withstands flow rates because of these holes.I've never used bulb plants before.Do i plant the actual bulb in my substrate or just drop it in because i would like the plant to stay fixed in one place to hide my pipe? Many thanks.Darren


Just drop it into place and it will anchor there. You'll love this plant as it's so beautiful.

Hi.I purchased this bulb from you just over a month ago and i'm so happy with it!It's doing really well it's already sprouted five beautiful lace like leaves,one of the leaves a good eight or nine inches in length already.I use it to hide my diffuser in the corner of my tank with a circulation pump just above it..so plenty of flow..which it likes.I also dose Neutro daily and Neutro Co2 along side pressurised C02.My question is when the bulb first arrived and i placed it in my tank it had a single shoot with a sort of cap on the end of it which unfortunately just dissolved over a few days and turned to a mush.I've seen this plant sprout a kind of lavender looking tiny flower at the waterline when it's happy which i would love to see and achieve.Would that shoot/stem that dissolved quickly have been that flower trying to grow and if so will it grow back?


Glad you like the bulb - it's truly wonderful to see in the aquarium. The shoot you mention would generally remain like that for about 2 weeks then die off. Then when it has enough energy it will do it again (and the cycle continues).

What type of shipping method should I use for this plant, as it will have no leaves?


Express is always best for any plant :)

How would this plant cope in a tank with herbivorous fish?



Do you ship to Norway, and apprx what would shipping costs be for 5-10 bulbs? Can they be shipped during winter time?


Yes. Shipping price shows at checkout. They can be shipped anytime.

Hi, I have read the answer to the previous question about how to plant this bulb (never had a bulb before!) and you said 'drop it into place' does that mean literally just rest it on the substrate without burying it at all? Not even half of the bulb? Thanks :) look forward to receiving this from you soon!


Yes that's what we do

Will the bulbs be eaten by shrimps before they grow? I bought another small bulbs from you and this was what happened. I am worried that this would become a very expensive snack for shrimps.


I'd feed your shrimp more. They only eat plants if they are starving.

I'm afraid I do not agree. My shrimps eat algae as well as any fish food I put in the tank include catfish spirulina wafers. But they do not eat plant. Eating the bulbs previously is probably another natural thing they do. The only question, I think, is whether the taste of the kind of bulb will suit them. I asked this question to see what your experience is but if you do not know, never mind.


I have many 20+ years of experience of shrimp and have never seen them eat a bulb. But like I said IF they are very hungry they will eat most things including plants. They are scavengers at the end of the day so will eat all foods including fish food and when push comes to shove, anything else needed to keep them alive.

I have been keeping fish and shrimp since 1998. My experience is that shrimps do not eat plants, and you are right. However, a few months ago, they did graze on the bulbs I put in the tank. Perhaps only because the bulbs died? I do not know. But I assure you that the shrimps have enough food anyway.


Yes shrimp will consume dead / decaying plants

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