Aponogeton longiplumulosis Bulb (WITH LEAVES)

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The major advantage to these Aponogeton bulbs with leaves is that they create instant impact. We have grown them, cared for them, made sure they look great and healthy - this takes time and experience. If you want BIG IMPACT, this is the plant for you.

Originating from Madagascar the Aponogeton longiplumulosis Bulb is a beautiful centre piece for your tank. This bulb has bright green leaves that are scalloped and decorative. The leaves can grow up to 60cm given the right conditions.

This plant grows QUICKLY in the aquarium too under basic conditions. We provide it will very little light and it grows even with little water movement. We've tried it under faster water movement and it loves that too which means this plant is suitable for beginners and up.

In terms of positioning, obviously the background is the only suitable location. Simply drop it into the chosen location and leave it be. It will throw roots down and anchor itself. Note: All bulbs are sent without leaves (so bulb only).

by Christopher Shaw
Received this bulb with 4 leaves last week. Very well packaged and promptly delivered. Since then has produced 4 new leaves the longest of which today is 6 inches. Delighted with quality and service.

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