Aponogeton boivinianus Bulb (WITH LEAVES)

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The major advantage to these Aponogeton bulbs with leaves is that they create instant impact. We have grown them, cared for them, made sure they look great and healthy - this takes time and experience. If you want BIG IMPACT, this is the plant for you.

Originating from Madagascar the Aponogeton boivinianus can produce some very large transparent leaves that are vibrant green in colour while the younger leaves are light green and sometimes brown until matured.

This plant grows QUICKLY in the aquarium too under basic conditions. We provide it will very little light and it grows SUPER QUICK with little water movement. We've tried it under faster water movement and it loves that too! Great for covering up equipment, you will be amazed at how fast this plant grows. The leaves can get really long and I've seen them over 100cm before. In terms of positioning, obviously the background is the only suitable location. Simply drop it into the chosen location and leave it be. It will throw roots down and anchor itself.

by Simon C. on 19/2/2021

Great plant growing really well

by Russell F. on 11/3/2019

Very good and it grows really fast but i ended up removing it because it started to take over the tank.

by Mark L. on 24/11/2016

Its not often I want to leave a review, but these were far bigger and better than I thought they would be and the 3 I bought fill up the background of my 250L aquarium perfectly! Also I have never seen such big quality plants in any of the local Aqua stockists I visit here in Kent. 5 stars Aquaessentials !

by Andrew P. on 3/11/2016

Stunning plant, great size and started growing immediately. Might need to weight the bulb with a stone, or similar, as it has a tendency to float as the roots are slower growing than the leaves.

by Tim Jones on 19/2/2016

Superb background plant fast growing and not eaten by fish.

by Matthijs Strietman on 1/9/2015

Arrived next day with huge long leaves, very impressed and good value for money!

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