Aponogeton boivinianus Bulb

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  • Origin: Africa
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Originating from Madagascar the Aponogeton boivinianus can produce some very large transparent leaves that are vibrant green in colour while the younger leaves are light green and sometimes brown until matured.

This plant grows VERY QUICKLY in the aquarium too under basic conditions. We provide it will very little light and it grows SUPER QUICK with little water movement. We've tried it under faster water movement and it loves that too! Great for covering up equipment, you will be amazed at how fast this plant grows. The leaves can get really long and I've seen them over 100cm before.

In terms of positioning, obviously the background is the only suitable location. Simply drop it into the chosen location and leave it be. It will throw roots down and anchor itself. Note: All bulbs are sent without leaves (so bulb only).

by Mike A. on 11/3/2020

Quality product with rapid delivery.

by RUSSELL B. on 9/9/2019

Growing ok

by Samantha P. on 2/8/2019

Love it!

by Paul G. on 7/4/2019

Started growing as soon as I planted it. Has been in a three weeks now and leaves are 10/ 15 cm or so - so very fast growing. Really pleased and looking forward to seeing if the leaves will get to the top of the tank. Will buy more!

by Tony H. on 5/4/2019

The bulb was in a healthy condition when received although I was a little concerned by how cold it was given it had been sat in the Post Office sorting depot all weekend. I placed the bulb in my tank on Monday evening, it had just 2 shoot tips peeking through. Come Thursday evening there were 6 shoots clearly visible, the largest being approximately 6cms long, so it is growing at a rate of 2cms per day. So far very impressed, will see how it continues to develop over the next month before deciding on whether or not to get any more.

by Mike R. on 31/1/2019

The bulb is growing away well with several leaves sprouting.

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How do you plant this in substrate?

Place it half in half out. Any deeper and it will rot

Are clown loaches likely to leave these plants alone? Thanks


I honestly don't know

Hi, what do you mean with CO2 not required? sorry, I am beginner. Thanks


It means pressurised CO2 not required so suitable for beginners and up :)

Hi Richard, do these bulbs need a dormant period? Thanks


They do best with one 

Does the plant produce more bulbs as it grows?



OK, so where do the bulbs come from?



Hi wld this bulb survive in a discus aquarium the temperature is 30 degrees so was wondering if to warm, thanks duncan.



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