Anubias Pinto On Bogwood - Floating

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  • Dimensions: up to 18cm in length
  • Model: 30171-DEN
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Anubias pinto on Bogwood is designed for smaller aquariums that want to add a 3 dimentional view of their aquarium. With a suction cup on the side of the wood, you literally attach it to the side of your glass.

Anubias pinto is a very simple, small leafed plant which prefers lower lighting so avoid placing it at the top of your tank. The attractive colours make it a bit different to the usual Anubias which makes it stand out a bit.

by Helen B. on 6/8/2018

Excellent value. I purchased this a year ago and decided I wanted a 2nd one, I thought my first purchase I got lucky in receiving a beautiful piece but no, it's their standard. The 2nd one arrived and was equally beautiful. Another quality product from AE.

by Helen B. on 4/8/2017

Beautiful Anubis Pinto plant. I received a truly healthy plant and also a nice supply of moss on the wood piece. Yet again another brilliant and beautiful creation from AE. I just wish they did a horizontal version to go on the back wall of the tank as well!

by Ian S. on 5/11/2016

This is a beautiful little plant. Smaller leaved then some other types of Anubias. I love the different shades of colour of the leaves. This is my first floating plant on boxwood. I absolutely love it. At first I thought the bogwood size was a bit small, now I have changed my mind. I truly love it, looks fantastic . Ian Sapstead

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