Anubias nana XL Pot (9cm Pot)

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Anubias Nana is a slow growing beautiful plant. The leaves are dark and light green in colour and have a waxy, shininess to them. Originating from Cameroon this small plant will thrive in most conditions. You must ensure this plant is not covered by larger plants as it may rot. Can be grown in a wide range of aquariums and needs to be tied to wood to flourish. We recommend a wood such as Aquadistri Driftwood.

A lily looking white flower will appear every so often and is a sign of a happy plant.


  • Ideal water chemistry is pH 6-8.4.
  • Can be kept in a low to high light environment.
  • Suitable in both CO2 and non CO2 tanks.
  • Foreground plant.
  • Preferred water temperature is 24-30 degree.

Note - the picture is a guide only and what you receive may be smaller (or larger) than the picture as we are not the growers and therefore cannot control the size. If you need to know specifically what size the plant is that we have atm, drop us an email and we can let you know.

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by Heather C.
Best plants I have ever bought/received. Where as other companies I have dealt with send them flat in a packet these were delivered with others well packaged both around the plant and inside as there was some water around the roots. I WILL be using again.

by Karen Schofield
My favourite for my tank, and received a well packaged plant and a well strong looking plant which is customary from aqua essentials

by David Canning
Excellent product well packaged and in perfect condition

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