Anubias nana

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Anubias Nana is a slow growing beautiful plant. The leaves are dark and light green in colour and have a waxy, shininess to them. Originating from Cameroon this small plant will thrive in most conditions. . Can be grown in a wide range of aquariums and needs to be tied to wood to flourish. A lily looking white flower will appear every so often and is a sign of a happy plant.

Helpful Tip: Be creative and try growing a mixture of plants on a larger piece of wood. Plants such as Microsorium pteropus and Java Moss are easy to tie to wood and will grow happily.

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by James B.
Fresh healthy and very well packaged. Lovely and green not a mark on any of the leaves and no signs of disease or snails

by John T.
Excellent plant, lush green and thriving

by Simon R.
Plants are not something I have to buy on a regular basis however when I do I would always choose Aquaessentials. I have a number of different Anubias from them and theyre plants are always healthy with plenty of leaves and good roots. A big bonus for me is that their plants don’t come with pest snails like they do in the majority of aquatic stores. Trust me you do not have want a single pest snail in your tank as they can breed like mad and soon take over! It’s is clear that their plants are well taken care of and best quality on the market. If your reading this don’t hesitate a purchase. Delivery is also very speedy.

by john s.
very good quick delivery

by john s.
quick delivery first class plants

by Ma?gorzata S.
It came in great condition.Nice plant .I will surely buy from you again.

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will this plant be ok in a cold water tank?

Sadly not - 24c is the lowest I recommend

How do I attach this to a piece of bogwood?


Use Aqua Fine Line or Aqua Ties - both sold on the site.

When will you be getting the Anubias Nana back in stock. I have a large piece of Red Moor Aquarium Wood in my 240l aquarium, and have been looking at the Anubias Nana Bonzi what is the hight of this plant compared to the anaubias nano.

Back in each Friday - it's twice the size as bonsai

How big is the plant?


about 10cm high - it won't get much higher than this

Hi, slightly confused between the Anubias Barteri var Nana and the Anubias Nana. Are the var Nana and the Nana 2 different plants?


Yes different. Slight variation that's all.

Im making a tree for my 110l tropical tank can you tell me will anubias nana and java moss mix and can i glue them to the wood thanks


yes it will work with aquascaping glue

Hi, is this pesticide free


yes - all our plants are

My order arrived safe and sound. Good quality plants . Can you recommend any plants ,background,inedible and dominant . thanks.


Use the refine results filter on the potted plants page to find these background plants 

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