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Anubias golden nana is a really special aquarium plant that STANDS OUT from all the other Anubias. The clue is of course in the name and the leaves are golden in colour. This makes a lovely change to the typical Anubias which all all a deep green.

One thing Anubias golden nana has in common with other Anubias is how you need to treat it in order to become successful. Tie it to wood or rocks - this is the only way to successfully grow Anubias. If you plant it in the substrate it will cause the rhyzome to rot and all the leaves will fall off :( Tying it to wood or rock is really easy though, simply use Aqua Fine Line (sold on here) and tie it around Anubias golden nana several times (not too hard though) and tie it on the bottom.

Anubias golden nana is a slow growing aquarium plant so avoid placing it under direct bright light. Use decent fertilisers such as Neutro T and add a liquid carbon supplement called Neutro CO2 for best effect. This adds liquid carbon into the water which helps plants grow and also fights algae (which some anubias are prone to because they're slow growers).

Anubias golden nana is suitable for anyone in this hobby, especially beginners because it's very easy to grow. It also adds a beautiful colour into your tank, not seen before on any other plant. One thing to consider in very low lighting the leaves will become darker.

by Chris W. on 25/3/2020

I love this plant, contrasts beautifully with my other Anubias with it's bright green leaves that really do shine gold.

by Chris W. on 22/1/2020

Very quick delivery and the plant looks fantastic.

by Kevin W. on 8/8/2019

Arrived quickly and in very good condition. Will buy again

by Stephen M. on 4/8/2019

Plant arrived and was surprised at the size of it, used to getting about five leafs on rare plants, but if anything it's a bit big if you have a nano tank, hoping growing it submerged will reduce it's size in my low tech tank, or divide it into four plant's which be a good idea if have more tanks or larger tanks..

by Kevin J. on 31/8/2017

Excellent condition plant, as always.

by James S. on 7/11/2016

Very nice plant, very robust which it needs to be as my plecos seem to like it, lovely bright leaves.

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