Anubias nana Coin

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  • Dimensions: grows up to 15cm
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  • Origin: Africa
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Anubias nana Coin is a new species to th hobby which has very similar traits to Anubias barteri with the main difference being the leaf shape which resemble (sort of) a coin.

Like all anubias they are slow growers and need to be tied onto wood or rock in order to flourish. Relatively easy to keep and when introducing anubias to your aquarium, it's somtimes worth taking them out of their pots and rockwool and letting them float in your tank for a few days. This gives them a chance to acclimtatise and often stops them melting.

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by Caroline E.
Split this into 2 lovely healthy plants which are growing well.

lovely little plant, looking great i the tank

by Robyn D.
Great plant, really healthy and already has some new lovely new leaves.

by Lorraine M.
Beautiful healthy plants arrived quickly really starting to grow now

by Lorraine M.
Lovely healthy plants ordered 3 left them whole and just attached to stone with glue there was no melt back and 2 of them have a new leaf already within a week. Arrived promptly and well packaged

by George P.
Excellent healthy plants. Great quality. Look great. Quick delivery.

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