Anubias nana bonzai

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  • Dimensions: Maximum height 10cm
  • Model: P2020162
  • Origin: Cultivated
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Anubias nana bonzai is known as the smallest of the Anubias family.This robust little plant flourishes when attached to wood, we recommend a wood such as Aquadistri Driftwood. Alternatively show yours off on a nice piece of decorative rock.

Helpful Tip:

Be creative and try growing a mixture of plants on a larger piece of wood. Plants such as Microsorum Pteropus, Java Moss and Anubias Nana Bonsai are easy to tie to the wood and will grow happily.


by Annamaria F. on 20/2/2021

Received a nice big plant, which looked fab. Looks great in the aquarium and luckily survived everything so far. About to order another one as it seems to like my aquarium better then many other plants.

by Andrew B. on 29/1/2021

Arrived in great condition. I tied the plants to rocks and bogwood using fishing line to secure them. Now growing nicely and make a nice foreground addition.

by Wendy S. on 21/1/2021

A lovely healthy little plant but unfortunately did not survive in my tank. All other plants are strong and healthy so not sure what was wrong.

by Richard A. on 28/12/2020

Stunning little plant !!! Beautiful bright green leaves and I think I had 5 separate plates in the pot so great value too

by Adam W. on 15/12/2020

Healthy plant received & have attached it to some wood, it seems to be doing well. I purchased this Anubias along with some other plants & they all arrived in fantastic condition. Excellent service, great prices & superb products. Thank you.

by Chris H. on 16/4/2020

Arrived very well packaged and now sitting lovely between two big stones in my tank. Looking good and healthy.

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how big does this plant grow?

It stays small, no more than 5cm tall

Hi, will this plant be back in stock this week?



hi, whats the size of the pot the plant comes in? i have a few rocks that i can hide it between, don't want it to be exposed



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