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Anubias Mixed could be any Anubias that we decide to choose for you - it probably won't look like the picture (but it might do - who knows!). If you are not fussy and don't mind letting the experts pick the Anubias for you, then this is the right choice. You may get a plant like the picture, but then again, you might not. Either way, you save a bit of money doing it this way.

Helpful Tip: Be creative and try growing a mixture of plants on a larger piece of wood. Plants such as Microsorum pteropus and Java Moss are easy to tie to wood and will grow happily.

by Kenny F.
Excellent plants well worth the money. Thanks aqua essentials. As Arnie says " I'll be back ".

by Mandy B.
A lovely plant, took a while to establish but growing very well now. Would recommend.

by Panna K.
Arrived in very good condition with lots of fresh leaves growing on it, very happy on our driftwood :)

by Norma P.
Love all the anubias plant as have to position them on my bogwood as I don't have a soil tank. Great condition

by Katarzyna J. P.
Just beautiful, I would say middle size for an Anubias, I attached it to the driftwood together with another Anubias species and they both look absolutely stunning. Bushy and deep green colour. Aquaessentials as always reliable and provides super friendly service.

by Steven G.
Great plants. Delivered in fantastic condition

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