Anubias heterophylla

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Anubias heterophylla literally means "different leaves" refering directly to the different shapes of the leaves. The leaves on this plant grow lighter than other Anubias family members. Like all Anubias plants, this plant is quite easy to maintain and care for.

Originating from Western Africa, Anubias flourish in semi-shaded areas. Growing best when attached to wood or rock.

by Caroline E.
Lovely big plant with lots of very healthy roots.

by Lukasz P.
Plants arrived in perfect condition and well packed. I would highly recommend these service for everyone. Thank you

by Rachel G.
Arrived in perfect condition, looks fabulous. No problems with any plants

by Ashley S.
Love this plant. Looks fantastic.

by Suzanne C.
Lovely, nice and big, really happy

by Steven A.
A lot bigger than I was expecting, really healthy looking out of the box and it's already produced 2 new leaves in a matter of 2-3 weeks. I glued it to a piece of bogwood and it looks great in the corner of my tank hiding the filter uptake pipe. Well worth the money.

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How high does this plant grow - I have a Nano tank 15L Sqr.


Too big for your tank - try anubias bonsai

can it grow without co2?



How big are these plants currently ?


Very similar to the picture ATM - about 20cm

Is the price just for 1 plant ?



Perfect plants,good size. 10/10

These plants have a large and very strong fleshy root system - should the roots be buried completely in the substrate, left partially exposed or even fully exposed? I have mine partially buried in the substrate as I coulnd't get them to stay completely buried. I see that some people have attached to driftwood rather than planting into the substrate which must means the roots are left unburied. What's the best approach?


All anubias should be tied to wood or rock 

Hi,I recently bought Heterophylla and Barterii from here.They were perfect but 1 month later I have a few yellow leaves on both varieties.low tech tank,I am using a fertilizer,no co2 or liquid carbon. Any advice?


Nutrient deficiency 

Add Neutro T and Neutro CO2 - both sold on the site. They're a daily dose fertiliser.

Thank you

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