Anubias gracilis

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  • Origin: Africa
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Pretty much all anubias are from West Africa and Anubias gracilis is no different. The leaves of this aquarium plant are quite different to other anubias and if you have a quick look at the picture, you'll see they're triangular in shape. This elegant look really makes it stand out from other aquarium plants so if you're after a plant which has eye catching leaf shape then look no further.

Like all Anubias, you need to tie it to wood or rock in order for the plant to flourish and grow. It's also grows impressively large if you let the leaves grow above the water line.

Plant information:

  • Type: Rhizomatous
  • Origin: Africa
  • Growth rate: Slow
  • Size 10-20cm +

by Jan W. on 26/11/2018

Beautiful plant with nicely shaped triangular dark green leaves!

by Helen B. on 6/8/2018

Quality value as always from AE. I struggled to find someone selling this particular variant of Anubias and once purchased and received, was really glad I chose to buy from here. Got a plant identical in age/height to the one pictured.

by Emily M. on 21/11/2017

As always, excellent specimens with good growth, adding instant jungle and interest with this lovely anubias variety. Thanks, AE: still love what you do!

by Kristian M. on 25/2/2017

Superb variation of the Anubis found in most aquariums, looks great attached to bog wood.

by James S. on 7/11/2016

Very nice plant, very robust which it needs to be as my plecos seem to like it, leave have a nice shape compared to other Anubias.

by Yordan Yanev on 7/10/2015

Plants received in Bulgaria in excellent condition! Great addition to my anubias collection!

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