Anubias gracilis

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Western Africa is home to several species of Anubias, including this one.

The triangular leaves of 5-10 cm on long leaf-stems make Anubias gracilis one of the most elegant. It is hardy and tolerant, a very good beginner’s plant. The plant can grow on rock or wood or planted on the bottom. If planted in the bottom, the rhizome, from which leaves and roots appear, must not be covered. If it is, the whole plant will rot and die.

Anubias gracilis can be allowed to grow out of the water but will attain a significant size this way.

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by Kerry G.
Excellent Quality product and great service

by Candice D.
Look amazing!

by Walid B.
Excellent condition will be buying again & again and.......

by Ernest S.
A very unique plant because of its leaf shape. This is by far one of the best Anubias plants, only downside is that they grow quite slowly and cant be placed into the substrate in which it would look far neater

by Lee S.
Aqua Essentials is the best place to get your plants online, the plants sent were always great quality. This plant suffered during shipping (all the other shipments I have received have been great), but Aqua Essentials customer support team was great and quick to help me get it sorted.

by Michael B.
Very nice healthy plant

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